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Mike brings more than 30 years of sales experience to his new web site.  He is a sales representative for a wide variety of manufacturers.  As a company, we have many resources to offer and benefit  you as a business person. 

But please remember that we are a drop ship distributor for many products, and delivery time is out of our control on many items.  If delivery time is important please check with us by e-mail or phone.
Thanks for your understanding.

Following are just a few of the companies that Mike represents:
Blue Hill     Baum/Windham     Sykel                                      

Contact Information:

Mike's Fabrics
5406 Vicksburg Circle
Birmingham, AL  35610

Phone:  205.951.0059
Fax:  205.951.0794
Cell:  205.746.7564

E-mail:  Mike@mikesfabrics.com